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SOCW-200A - Introduction to Social Work Practice - 3.00 Credits

SOCW-200A - Introduction to Social Work Practice - 3.00 Credits

Course Details
This course will introduce students to the knowledge, skills and values that provide a basis for generalist social work practice, from a dual perspective: First Nations and non-First Nations. The course will examine the various levels and settings of social work practice, including individual, family and community systems, and informal helping with particular emphasis on practice in rural communities. The course will assist students to evaluate their interests and capacities for entering the profession of social work.
Part of the:
  • Available/Required in the following Programs:
  • Indigenous Human Services Diploma - Diploma Completion Plan
  • Prerequisites : ENGL 060 or English 12 or English Studies 12 and/or English First Peoples 12 or permission of instructor.
    Course Outline
    Instructors Qualifications: Relevant Master's Degree.
    Office Hours: 1.5 Per week
    Contact Hours: 45
    Student Evaluation
    Assignments 50 - 70%, Final 30 - 50%, Total 100 %. Grading procedures follow NVIT policy.
    Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this course the student should demonstrate knowledge, skills and/or attitudes in the following:
  • Principle roles and tasks of generalist social work practice, with understanding on practice in First Nations and rural communities;

  • Understanding the relationship of self-help groups, natural helping process within communities and professional social work practice as a response to human need;

  • Understanding of one’s own values and how those values relate to the basic values and ethics of social work.

  • How the social work profession helps people resolve personal problems and strives to respond to larger social issues affecting human well-being;

  • The understanding of the planned change theory and the medicine wheel concept and how this can relate to social work practice;

  • Awareness of the theory and practice of social work and one’s own position; and
  • Ability to assess one's own skills as a self-directed learner and evaluate interests and capabilities for entering into the profession of social work.
  • Text and Materials:
  • Course Package

  • Carniol, Ben. (1995). Case Critical: Challenging social services in Canada. (4th Ed.). Toronto: Between the Lines.
  • Social Work Code of Ethics. BC Association of Social Workers.

  • Handouts.

  • Other Resources:
  • Community guest speakers as arranged.
  • Students are encouraged to the teaching/learning process through sharing their knowledge and ideas in class and in group exercises.
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