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PSYC-213 - Lifespan Human Development I - 3.00 Credits

PSYC-213 - Lifespan Human Development I - 3.00 Credits

Course Details
This course covers human development from conception to adolescence. A variety of theoretical perspectives and research data will be examined, including the study of the physical, cognitive, psychosocial development from infancy to middle and late childhood. Theories will be considered in a multi-cultural framework.
Part of the:
  • Available/Required in the following Programs:
  • First Nations Speech and Language Assistant Certificate - FNSL Certificate Completion Plan
  • Indigenous Human Services Diploma - Diploma Completion Plan
  • Prerequisites : PSYC 111, PSYC 121, or permission of instructor.
    Course Outline
    Instructors Qualifications: Relevant Master's Degree.
    Office Hours: 1.5 Per Week
    Contact Hours: 45
    Student Evaluation
    Assignments 50 - 70%, Final 30 - 50%, Total 100 %. Grading procedures follow NVIT policy.
    Learning Outcomes:

    Upon successful completion of this course students should be able to:

    • the major areas of developmental psychology and understand a scientific, critical thinking approach to the study of human development;

    • knowledge of the concepts, theories, methods, terminology and research findings appropriate to the field of developmental psychology;

    • introduction to the complex interaction of factors that constitutes development across the Lifespan;

    • knowledge of the concepts, theories, methods, terminology and research finds appropriate to the Lifespan Development Psychology;

    • acquire a facility to analyze, interpret, evaluate and understand development in prenatal, childbirth and neonatal period, physical and cognition, and psychosocial in infancy, preschoolers, and 6 to 12; and

    • introduction to First Nation perspective on Human Lifespan Development.

    Text and Materials:
  • Irwin, Donald B. & Simmons, Janet A. Lifespan Development Psychology. Dubuque: Wm. C. Brown Communication, Inc.
  • Other Resources:
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