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INST-246 - Okanagan Cultural Development II - 3.00 Credits

INST-246 - Okanagan Cultural Development II - 3.00 Credits

Course Details
This course examines the impact of contact and colonization on the Okanagan people. The underlying value system is examined in relation to the consequent changes to Okanagan culture. This course recognizes that material culture changes but Okanagan values remain. Traditional values and practices are explored to determine how they shape and inform contemporary Okanagan cultural practice and identity.
Part of the:
  • Prerequisites : INST 245, or permission of instructor.
    Transferability: :NVIT INST 245 & INST 246 = SFU FNST (3). Both courses must be taken in order to receive credit.
    Course Outline
    Instructors Qualifications: Relevant Master's Degree.
    Office Hours: 1.5 per week
    Contact Hours: 45
    Student Evaluation
    Assignments 50 - 70%, Final 30 - 50%, Total 100 %. Grading procedures follow NVIT policy.
    Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course students should be able to:
  • understand historical changes to Okanagan language and culture;

  • discuss the fur trade period and missionary work in the Okanagan communities;

  • understand the influence of missionaries and government in Okanagan society: Band Councils and Chiefs, Indian Act imposed colonial government system, Indian industrial schools, Indian residential schools;

  • discuss the revival of cultural teachings and community initiatives to bring the language and culture back into use;

  • understand the resurgence of Okanagan nationality: traditional government, cultural/spiritual resurgence, Okanagan/Shuswap Alliance; and

  • understand the traditional underpinnings of contemporary practices: songs, crafts, designs, games, stories, and entertainment.
  • Text and Materials:
  • Armstrong, J., Derickson, D., Maracle, L. and G. Young-Ing. (1994). We get our living like milk from the land. Penticton, BC: Okanagan Rights Committee and Okanagan Indian Education Resources Society.
  • Carstens, Peter. (1991). The Queen’s people: A study of hegemony, coercion, and accommodation among the Okanagan of Canada. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press.
  • Other Resources: En’owkin archive, library and cultural resources.
    Transfer Credits: For more information visit: www.bctransferguide.ca
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