BC's Indigenous Public Post-Secondary Institute

Term Instructors – Aboriginal Early Childhood Education (Provincial)

Type: Term
Opening Date For Accepting Applications: Wednesday, July 22, 2020
Resume Review: Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Position Start Date: Academic year 2020-2021
Salary: Term Rate: $6,814.04 per course
Contact: Leah Garcia-Gray
Email: hr@nvit.bc.ca
Phone: 250-378-3308
Fax: 250-378-3332
Address: NVIT
4155 Belshaw St.
Merritt, BC, V1K 1R1

NVIT is BC's Indigenous Public Post-Secondary Institute. As a leader in Indigenous post-secondary education and a fully accredited member of BC's post-secondary education system, we provide a comprehensive range of programs up to the degree level at our campuses in Merritt and Burnaby. NVIT also delivers programs online and in Indigenous communities throughout British Columbia. Join a growing and innovative institution committed to making a difference in Indigenous education and communities. With an institutional mission to empower learners by strengthening voice and identity through education, NVIT employees honour an atmosphere embedded in Indigenous culture and traditions while cultivating an environment founded on learner centred principles that promote student recruitment, engagement and achievement.

Job Description:

NVIT anticipates the need for term instructors to teach Aboriginal Early Childhood Education (AECE) Certificate courses and invites applications from qualified candidates. NVIT regularly provides AECE Certificate and Diploma programs through the Community Education department that are provided within communities across the Province. We are posting to develop a Human Resource bank for AECE Instructors for new and upcoming AECE Certificate or Diploma programs in the Academic year 2020-2021.

Certificate Courses

ENGL 050 – English – Advanced Level

ENGL 060 – English – Provincial Level

STSC 101 – Strategies for Success

AECE 102 – Early Years Development I

AECE 110 – Child Development I Foundations of Early Childhood Education

AECE 134 – Guidance for the Early Years I

ENGL 110 – English Composition

PSYC 131 – Applied Interpersonal and Career Developmental Skills

AECE 104 – Early Years Development II

AECE 124 – Programming for Early Years I

AECE 136 – Observing in the Early Years

AECE 140 – Music and Art in ECE

AECE 145 – Children’s Literature

AECE 148 – Introductory Practicum

AECE 125 – Curriculum Development in ECE

AECE 149 – Clinical Competencies

AECE 150 – Health, Nutrition & Safety

Diploma Courses

Diploma Courses

AECE 204 – Early Years Development III

AECE 208 – Special Topics in Child Care

AECE 216 – Administrative Licensing & Leadership

AECE 224 – Programming for Early Years II

AECE 260 – Infant and Toddler Practicum

AECE 210 – Working with Families

AECE 214 – Exploring Perspectives in Communication

AECE 226 – Natural Environments in Child Care

AECE 234 – Guidance for Early Years II

AECE 265 – Special Needs Practicum

Applicants should indicate which courses they are qualified for and interested in teaching


  • Master’s Degree in related field. ECE Certificate and Diploma mandatory in Undergraduate Degree. Preference given to BC Certificate and Diploma;

  • Experience working with children 3 to 12;

  • Experience working in a group daycare, head start, or ECE development center or organization (centers that follow BC licensing regulations);

  • Post-secondary teaching experience (with Aboriginal adult learners preferred);

  • Knowledge of classroom teaching and learning practices;

  • Excellent teaching and human relations skills - faculty members are expected to contribute positively to the life of the school and community; and

  • Demonstrated understanding of Indigenous ways of knowing.

As an Indigenous centre for excellence, NVIT inspires learners to strengthen community.

NVIT gives high priority to Aboriginal candidates. All applicants should be experienced in working with Aboriginal people.