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BUSINESS Department

BUSINESS Department

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Why business?

Do you strive to work in a business environment?

NVIT offers many programs to further enhance student’s knowledge of the various endeavors that occur within a business environment. Taking business classes will help students learn how to work in a team as they will enhance their understanding of the various aspects that go on internally in the corporation and how they impact the external environment.

The Department of Administration & Community Economic Development Studies provides programs designed to assist individuals and communities to meet the leadership and management challenges of business and Aboriginal self-sufficiency and self-government. Students will be:

  • equipped with a combination of general organizational knowledge, and specific technical analytical and management skills;

  • encouraged to develop a management style consistent with traditional and/or current Aboriginal values, beliefs, cultures and customs;

  • enriched with the practical knowledge that comes from working in Aboriginal organizations (if they so choose, and are accepted into, the Co-op Diploma option); and

  • qualified to transfer certain courses into advanced studies of management and business in a variety of university degree programs.

  • Administrative studies opportunities are also available through NVIT's Community Education, and online.

    Career Opportunities

    The graduate of the Business Administration Certificate and Diploma programs will have many employment opportunities. An example of the exciting and dynamic careers awaiting the credentialed individual include:

  • band/tribal council management;

  • band/tribal council administration;

  • band/tribal council planning;

  • friendship center administration;

  • project/program management;

  • consulting;

  • policy analyst;

  • provincial/federal government bureaucracy;

  • economic development officer;

  • business planner/analyst;

  • business development consultant;

  • development corporation manager;

  • community development worker; and

  • entrepreneur.

  • Admission Requirements

    Grade 12 graduation or equivalent with:
  • C+ minimum grade in Principles of Math 11 or MATH 051; and

  • C+ minimum grade in English 12 or ENGL 060.

  • All applications for admission to Administrative Studies must be accompanied by official transcripts describing a student's previous educational achievements. Admission to the program is granted on a first-come-first-served basis once applicants have met the program admission prerequisites.
    The department head may, in exceptional circumstances, admit applicants who are lacking certain program prerequisites provided that the applicant can demonstrate s/he has a good chance of success in the program.
    NVIT is committed to making education accessible to all people. If you do not meet program requirements please contact the department head or a student advisor regarding upgrading opportunities to prepare for program entry.


    Transfer credit may be granted by many of the universities, colleges and institutes in the Province. For specific course transferability please see individual course sites as well as visit the BC Council for Admissions and Transferability site at www.bccat.bc.ca. In addition to the previous, Diploma graduates may apply for:
  • 1½ - 2 years of block transfer into the four-year post-diploma degree, Faculty of Management, University of Lethbridge, Alberta;

  • 2 years of block transfer into the post-diploma degree, Faculty of Business Administration, Okanagan University College; and

  • 2 years of block transfer into the post-diploma degree, Faculty of Entrepreneurship, Kwantlen University College.

  • For more information, contact Matt Pasco 250.378.3321 or mpasco@nvit.bc.ca

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    For information on transferability, please see the BC Transfer Guide.