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EMSK-041 - Cultural Orientation -

EMSK-041 - Cultural Orientation -

Course Details
This course will introduce Aboriginal culture and personal wellness using a holistic approach. The students will examine the impact of cultural activities and mores (eg: residential schools). Activities in this course will enhance self esteem, cultural identity, and oral traditions in relation to healthy lifestyles within the home, community, and workplace. In addition, the students will be introduced to post secondary services and campus orientation including testing in work place skills.
Part of the:
  • Available/Required in the following Programs:
  • Employment Skills Access Certificate - Certificate Completion Plan
  • Prerequisites : EMSK Program admission.
    Course Outline
    Instructors Qualifications: Relevant Bachelor's or Master's Degree
    Office Hours: 1.5 per week
    Contact Hours: 30
    Student Evaluation
    Assignments 50 - 70%, Final 30 - 50%. Grading procedures follow NVIT policy.
    Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course students should be able to:
  • identify the different aspects of Aboriginal history, culture, and traditions;

  • create a cultural artifact;

  • demonstrate familiarity with post secondary services and campus lifestyle;

  • complete a workplace skills test; and

  • identify the need of balancing school and social activities.
  • Text and Materials:
    Other Resources:
    Transfer Credits: For more information visit: www.bctransferguide.ca
    Other Information: Artifact materials and readings as required.